"The most annoying part is Netflix doesn’t provide support for the WMC plugin, they say you need to contact Microsoft. And Microsoft says they don’t support it, you need to contact Netflix."

This started happening to me - and the worst part is that there’s no rhyme or reason as to which movies get a play button and which don’t - in some cases, it one film will work and then next time I go into the Netflix plugin, that title won’t but another will.

After an hour today trying to chase it down before FINALLY coming across this forum post…

Who built this plugin?

Seems like whether it was Netflix or Microsoft somebody¬†should own fixing it. ¬†Realizing that WMC users are in a minority out there, it’s still a feature that we were really excited to have, and one that I know Jenn and I use regularly.

Netflix in Windows Media Center - play button disappeared?! - The Something Awful Forums

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