at White Crest Beach

Justice is not done


T-Rex Trying to toot his own horn…

@jennkennedy13 ‘s #langster tokio is a very special bike. Stunner.

Newcomb Hollow.

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Down the ramp. Launch time. (at Wellfleet Harbor)

Respect the dunes. (at White Crest Beach)

Picturesque evening river scene

When I was a kid, I remember the Bike weekends the Dyslins pulled together, some at their home in CT, and later we hosted them. They started long before I came along.

But for a while Gary brought his trick bike and put on a show.

Cruisin’ with RVK #tbt

My pops shot this as he was packing up Old Blue for a ride. Loved the contrast and the framing.

It’s a ‘57 - Here’s a shot of it when it was the featured exhibit at the opening of the National Corvette Museum:

There are worse places to rip some threshold intervals.